December 8, 2023

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6 Quick smoothie and milkshake recipes to make with anjeer for body weight reduction

Anjeer is a dry fruit that aids in pounds decline. So, below are some easy healthful consume recipes with fig to have for burning more energy.

Fig or Anjeer Smoothies6 Uncomplicated smoothie and milkshake recipes to make with anjeer for weight loss

Fig or anjeer is a type of fruit from the flowering plant Common Fig belonging to the mulberry loved ones. It is native to the Mediterranean and Western Asia and has been cultivated considering that the historical time. But now it is cultivated all through the earth.

Figs are highly effective for well being which also help on fat decline. It is a excellent dry fruit that can be additional to make distinctive drinks like smoothies, milkshakes, etcetera. So, listed here are some strategies.

6 Effortless recipes to make nutritious drinks with anjeer or figs:

Anjeer milkshake

It’s an quick recipe for creating anjeer milkshake that is finely garnished with some dry fruits. It’s balanced and filling that is fantastic for your excess weight loss diet plan plan.


Anjeer drink

It is a consume with figs that is geared up with lemon, raisins and almonds. You can swap refined sugar with natural sweeteners like honey. It is a fantastic consume to get refreshed and energised.


Badam anjeer

Badam anjeer is a filling drink that is ideal to have after an powerful work out to get back electricity. It is loaded in potassium, Omega 3 and 7 and tons of minerals.


Figs and banana smoothie

Figs and banana smoothie is a popular drink to have when you really feel a lot less energetic. It is rich in all significant vitamins that are excellent for pounds loss.


Dates and figs milkshake

Figs and dates both are very healthy for us that support in fat decline, lessen irritation, make improvements to metabolism and digestion. So, here’s an easy recipe of figs and dates milkshake for you.


Kaju anjeer milkshake

Cashews are total of protein. So, building the cashew and fig milkshake would be a excellent plan to have after your exercise.


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