December 1, 2023

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Science sweetens stingless bee species honey health statements — ScienceDaily

Science has validated Indigenous knowledge by figuring out a unusual, wholesome sugar in native stingless bee honey that is not observed in any other meals.

University of Queensland organic and natural chemist Affiliate Professor Mary Fletcher explained Indigenous peoples experienced prolonged recognized that indigenous stingless bee honey experienced special wellbeing qualities.

“We tested honey from two Australian native stingless bee species, two in Malaysia and 1 in Brazil and observed that up to 85 per cent of their sugar is trehalulose, not maltose as beforehand assumed,” she explained.

Dr Fletcher claimed trehalulose was a unusual sugar with a lower glycaemic index (GI), and not identified as a significant component in any other meals.

“Traditionally it has been thought that stingless bee honey was excellent for diabetic issues and now we know why — owning a decreased GI means it will take lengthier for the sugar to be absorbed into the blood stream, so there is not a spike in glucose that you get from other sugars,” Dr Fletcher claimed.

“Apparently trehalulose is also acariogenic, which means it isn’t going to cause tooth decay.”

Dr Fletcher said the conclusions would fortify the stingless bee honey current market and create new chances.

“Stingless bee honey sells now for all over AUD $200 per kilogram, which is up there with the selling price of Manuka and Royal Jelly honey,” she mentioned.

“The substantial professional value also will make it a risk for substitution, where individuals could provide other honey as stingless bee honey, or dilute the merchandise.

“But because of to this research, we can check for this novel sugar, which will aid market to established a foodstuff regular for stingless bee honey.

“People have patented means of building trehalulose synthetically with enzymes and micro organism, but our investigate demonstrates stingless bee honey can be utilized as a wholefood on its have or in other food to get the exact same health rewards.”

The do the job of Dr Fletcher and the research team has led to a new undertaking funded by AgriFutures Australia and supported by the Australian Indigenous Bee Association.

Functioning with Dr Natasha Hungerford from UQ’s Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food stuff Innovation and Dr Tobias Smith from the School of Biological Sciences the new task will investigate storage and assortment, to optimise the trehalulose information of Australian stingless bee honey.

Stingless bees (Meliponini) arise in most tropical and sub-tropical locations, with more than 500 species throughout Neotropical, Afrotropical and Indo-Australian locations.

Like the very well-regarded Apis mellifera honeybees, stingless bees are living in everlasting colonies made up of a one queen and employees, who acquire pollen and nectar to feed larvae in the colony.

Dr Fletcher reported holding native stingless bees was gaining in attractiveness in Australia, for their position as pollinators as effectively as for their unique honey.

As nicely as owning health and fitness added benefits, stingless bee honey is valued for its flavour and is in significant need from chefs.

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