December 1, 2023

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Guide To Using Medisave for Dental Procedures

Thanks to Medisave, the next wisdom tooth extraction is now made available and affordable.

Medisave is the national health savings system that requires Singaporeans and permanent residents to keep aside a portion of their income in a medical-focused savings account that can be used to pay for hospitalization, day surgery, and some outpatient costs.

Depending on their age group, under the Medisave Scheme in Singapore, every employee can contribute 8 to 10.5 percent of their monthly salary to their Medisave account. The savings will be withdrawn, if possible, to pay for the hospitalization and other qualifying bills of individuals or immediate family members.

Procedures Eligible for Medisave Claims

Also, Medisave can be used at dental clinics and medical establishments approved by the Ministry of Health and Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board to pay for such dental services. Dental treatments which require surgery and are performed for medical reasons can be charged for using Medisave as a general guide.

Typically, such medical procedures would include the following:

Note that non-surgical or cosmetic dental procedures, such as non-surgical treatment of the root canal, crowning, dentures and braces, and simple extractions of teeth that do not require surgery, are exempt from the claims of Medisave.

Using Medisave and Associated Payment Limits

The sum payable for dental surgical procedures via Medisave shall be determined by the form of surgery appended to the Table of Surgical Procedures (TOSP), an exhaustive list of the procedures for which Medisave may apply. Each medical procedure in the TOSP is connected to a particular code, which specifies the limit that, according to the Table of Operations, can be claimed using Medisave for the procedure.

Make a Dental Surgery Claim using Medisave.

You can first consult with the licensed dental clinic or medical institution before using your Medisave to pay for the dental operation if the procedure is approved for claims under Medisave.

When you have decided that the treatment is approved for Medisave claims, you will then tell the staff that you would like to use the Medisave during payment or when being released. The staff will get you to sign the Medical Claims Authorisation Form (MCAF) in this case, which authorizes the clinic or organization to pay the bill using your Medisave balance.

The clinic should remind you at the point of application of the bill sum, the amount to be deducted from your Medisave account, checking your name against the information of the Medisave account, and any remaining amount of the bill to be payable in cash.

You will receive a Medisave Claims Statement after the claims are accepted and processed, showing the name of the patient you paid for, the amount deducted from the Medisave account, as well as the name of the clinic or hospital where the claim was made.

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